Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some Numbers......

20 - Number of rows I have left to crochet on the baby afghan I'm making for a friend of Sweet Girl. Then the border, which is kind of a beeyotch.

5 - Number of future crochet projects I have in mind for when I finish this one. I won't let myself begin a new one until the current one is finished, else I would have a gazillion partially crocheted items all over my house.

90 - Temperature of the water in our pool this afternoon. We knew some people who ordered a dump truck load of ice for their pool one year. We are NOT considering that.

0 - Number of songs I liked in our Zumba class tonight. And it was the TUESDAY class, which I usually LOVE! (Tuesday instructor just got back from Zumba convention with the Thursday girl. I think she's gone over to the dark side.)

2 - Number of pounds I've gained (and am having a hard time shedding) since running the Peachtree.

2 - Number of days before our final weigh-in for the summer weight loss challenge.

66 - Miles I am planning to ride my bicycle tomorrow with Rozmo and about 12-13 other folks. We're riding the Silver Comet Trail, which is a very cool rails-to-trails path, but I have to drive almost two hours just to get there.

95 - Expected high temperature tomorrow while I'll be on said bike ride.

3 - Hours it will probably take me to get home, since I will be joining a bazillion of my closest friends in Atlanta rush hour traffic.

210 - Calories in an Arby's Junior Roast Beef. The Junior! Who knew?

2 - Arby's Junior Roast Beef sandwiches I had for lunch today. (I think I may be onto the mystery of those 2 pounds.)

43 - Minutes I stayed asleep last night. I finally got up and came downstairs so my tossing and turning wouldn't bother Hubby. Yeah, right.

2.5 - Hours I stayed up, crocheting and playing Mario Brothers on the Wii.

43 - Minutes I stayed asleep once I went back to bed.

3 - Times I have cleaned my bicycle, including the chain and derailleurs.

0 - Times I cleaned my last three bicycles combined.

16.05 - Amount my medical supply folks love to charge me after my insurance has paid. I send them a check, then they send me one back. For $16.05. I don't know why either.

67 - Times I have kicked myself for interrupting my sister's blessing when we had lunch last Saturday. It was rude and irreverent, even for me. I still feel bad about it. It wasn't worth the laugh it got.

142 - Dollars it cost to fill the motorhome with fuel today. It wasn't near as bad as I expected it to be.

2 - Channels we were able to pick up with just the antenna in the motorhome. Oh, you meant English-speaking channels? Then it was zero. Good thing we have a satellite.

100 - Dollars I saved buying RV parking passes for individual football games this fall instead of a season pass.

304 - The section in Sanford Stadium where our season football tickets are located. It's right up there next to the sun. Row 13.

50 - Yard line where I would have season tickets if I hadn't relinquished them all those years ago. I'm sure we would have found SOME way to buy groceries....

6 - Hour at which I need to get up tomorrow morning in order to drive 2 hours to ride my bike 66 miles in 95-degree heat. What is WRONG with me??????

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