Friday, May 20, 2011

Let the Summer Begin.......

The last day of school has mercifully come and gone. Both graduation ceremonies are tonight (I'm not attending either), and my summer will officially begin next Wednesday afternoon, when we complete our post-planning days.

After all these years of teaching, it has just occurred to me: Isn't "post planning" an oxymoron? Can you plan after something has occurred?

I've tried not to pack my summer so full this year that I get back to school in August feeling like I haven't had a summer at all. I would love to do a long cross-country trip in the RV, but I'm afraid that is going to have to wait until retirement. I don't want to have to worry about a deadline for getting back home. That being said, I can't help but plan a few things for the summer.

Thanks, Maggie, for giving me the idea for this blog post.

I am riding in BRAG the week of June 5-11, of course, and Rozmo and I are participating in Paddle Georgia for the first time. That happens the week of June 18-25, a paddling adventure of 106 miles. It's downriver, so I hope it's more floating than paddling. I have never put my kayak into any body of water other than the lake at the park across the road from our house and the lake at Stone Mountain Park, and I'm going to launch it into the Oconee River and travel 106 miles downriver. I hope Rozmo won't let me go astray. 

Hubby has apparently forgiven me for our RV trip to the beach last year, and he's suggesting we go back to Florida again, this time on the Gulf of Mexico side. That's where we planned to go last year, but the oil spill scared me away. There is a (reportedly) beautiful state park there, right on the beach, so we are toying with the idea of taking the RV there. I would like to stay three or four nights. Since Hubby ALWAYS wants to come home earlier than we plan, I need to plan ahead and suggest five or six nights. Fourteen years, and I'm still learning.

I have come up with an idea for our anniversary (on the 30th of this month), and Hubby is amenable to it. I won't tell what it is yet, but it's on my 50 Things to Do list.

I hope to have many days of floating in the pool. I will also work hard to complete #38 on my 50 Things to Do list. I plan to continue going to Zumba class even in the summer.

I have a list of home-related projects to accomplish as well, so the summer won't be ALL play. I need to execute the Great Shoe Purge, and my bathroom closet is a disaster. We have sheet sets in there for a futon/bunk bed combo that Sweet Girl used to have. I think we gave it away in 2000 or 2001. I would also like to tackle our basement and organize it somehow.

First, though, there is a bike ride tomorrow and a low country boil at a friend's house tomorrow night.

Let the summer begin!

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