Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Conversation with my Brother.....

My brother called my cell phone at 10:24 last night. That is strange on many levels. He doesn't call very often; he usually calls on my birthday (except the years he forgets), and sometimes he calls with random questions. When I saw his name on my phone, my first thought that something was wrong with our mother. That would have been strange too, because I don't think he would have called me FIRST, since I'm the youngest. But I digress.

It was also strange that I was awake to hear the phone ring. I typically leave it downstairs, and I probably wouldn't have heard it if I hadn't still been up watching the end of the Braves-Phillies game. With Hubby out of town and no reason to get up early this morning, though, I was still awake.

Brother:  Me and Ricky and 'em [that's how we refer to a group in the South] were just leaving the drag strip. Sober.....that's weird.

Me:   [Thinking to myself - "Why does this involve me?"]

Brother:  I was just telling them about you running in that 5K a couple of weeks ago.

Me:  Yeah?

Brother:  How long did it take you?

Me:  Forty-one minutes. [I'm not ashamed.]

Brother: OHHHHHHH!!! Forty-one minutes! I told them you did it in 14 minutes, and they said that was bulls**t.

[Laughter from Ricky and 'em]

Me:  Well you had the right digits, but there's an order they have to go in.

Brother:  I've always been a little dicks-lexic like that. [Or something to that effect. He mangled the word on purpose, but I can't remember the exact syllables he used.] So you were basically walking.

Me:  Yeah, the walkers came in right behind me.

He ended the conversation with "I love you," as he always does, and I was left to wonder......

Just how bored WERE they, that the only topic of conversation they could come up with was a 50-year-old woman's time in a 5K?


Crystal Jigsaw said...

LOL, my brother only rings me on birthdays too and it's a quick 5 minutes conversation about nothing in particular.

Came via Planet Weidknecht.
CJ xx

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Haha too funny!

I just found your blog through the Swingin by Sunday blog hop! Can't wait to read more. Have a great week.

Amanda @