Thursday, May 5, 2011

Milestone Blog.......

This blog entry is a milestone. Can anyone guess what it is?

I started blogging in July or August of 2008. My friend Neena mentioned in an email that she had a blog, and because it's always been my nature to abhor anyone having something I don't have, I thought it would be cool to blog too.

I never knew you could meet so many people through blogging, even folks you've never met in person. Like Maggie, Evil Pixie, DJan, Vodkamom, Julie, and Elena. I've enjoyed learning things about faraway places that I may never get to visit, like Alaska and Australia. I have felt the pain of folks I have never met but feel I have come to know, like Lilith and Lakeland Jo.

I have taken something that should be a hobby and turned it into an obsession, as only I can. In the past when things happened or I had a clever witty hilarious mundane thought, I would think to myself, "I can't wait to tell _______ this." Now my first thought is, "I can write about this in my blog!"

I have been silly, maudlin, depressed, sad, angry, frustrated, joyous, excited, giddy, and content in the confines of my little blog. I have written things that I was afraid might offend some people, and I've written things that I was afraid might bore some to death. I have written about children that aren't mine, and I have written about my own Sweet Girl, who has a blog of her own.

There are some things I will NEVER write about in this forum, but I would if people I know in real life didn't read here. I don't mind being judged by perfect strangers, but I don't want my few friends and family to change their opinions of me. Ha ha ha ha ha.

When I first started my blog, there were a couple of occasions when I went to bed and THEN remembered I hadn't done my blog. Most of those times I got up again to write SOMETHING, except for the times I was in the casino and just missed the midnight deadline. Nowadays I try to plan in advance, writing and scheduling a blog post ahead of time if I think I might by some wild stretch of the imagination be out after midnight.

Every now and then I worry that I'll run out of topics, but I can usually think of something to write about. It may be short and silly, or it may be a post about all the things I'm NOT going to write about. I feel an obligation to my readers to produce something every day. Is that weird? Sometimes I get a flood of ideas all at once, and I jot the list of topics down, satisfied that I will have enough blog fodder for a few days.

This milestone almost slipped up on me. Can you guess what it is? Leave your guess in the comments section, and I'll let you know tomorrow night what it was.

As always, thank you, thank you, thank you for being my readers and giving this little blog a purpose.


Neena said...

You blog pretty much everyday so I'm going to guess you're 1000th post. Am I right???

DJan said...

A year of blogging? Or 100 posts? Not really sure what it might be.

I also have some things I would never mention in a public forum, and I also try really hard to stay away from controversial subjects.

KatyDid53 said...

I had to use a calculator, but I have come up with 1000! You are my hero, my idol, my inspiration! And my baby sis. Love you.

Kelly said...

I'm guessing 1000 posts, too.

I spent two and a half years blogging at another site before I came to blogger. I wish it was all in one place.