Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Alone (or Solitude is Bliss)........

Hubby has been invited to play in a golf tournament this weekend at the casino in Mississippi. You know, the one that is six hours away and we just went to weekend before last? Yeah, that one. This tournament is apparently a big deal, because it's being sponsored by a big name in golf that you would recognize even if you don't follow golf, and not all of Hubby's golfing/gambling buddies got invited. Naturally he is going, because you can't pass up the chance to win $5000 (no matter how much you might LOSE in the casino), and I was so afraid he would expect me to come with him. I had the handy excuse of a bike ride, not only for which I had already registered, but one that is dear to my heart. It's the annual Tour de Cure, a bike ride to raise money for diabetes research and prevention. If this cause is near and dear to your heart as well, feel free to sponsor me. I've already met my fundraising goal, though, so no pressure.

I'm trying not to let it show how thrilled ecstatic giddy excited okay with it I am that Hubby will be gone and I will have a weekend to do as I please. Twenty Thirty years ago I might have called up some girlfriends and gone out on the town, dancing and drinking or maybe taking in a movie. My definition of decadence has altered somewhat. Here are the plans I've made so far for this weekend. I'm not sure I'll get to all of them, but I'm going to make an effort.

  • Go to Zumba class on Friday night.
  • Play Mario Brothers as late as I want.
  • Watch a WHOLE baseball game.
  • Sleep in Saturday morning. Perhaps as late as 7:00.
  • Read the newspaper without putting the sections back in order for Hubby to read later.
  • Take my kayak to the park and paddle all day.
  • Eat pasta for dinner.
  • Watch another WHOLE baseball game.
  • Watch the telecast of the national gymnastics championships on television. You know, the ones whose outcome I already know and I don't really like any of the teams competing. Yeah, those.
  • Play more Mario Brothers.
  • Do the bike ride on Sunday. 
This should in no way be taken as an indication that I don't love Hubby. I think it's healthy for married folks to go off and do their own thing every now and then. I'm sure he won't mind (much) when I'm gone for two whole weeks in June. He'll just be kind of hungry.


LisaWeidknecht said...

That's quite a list. I'm tired reading it. LOL

Anonymous said...

enjoy every moment of it!

DJan said...

It's normal to want to do something all by myself now and then, so I totally understand how much the weekend sounds like a vacation! A busy one, but still...

Kelly said...

Being able to do our own thing occasionally is probably why we've lasted 25 years!

Enjoy your alone time!