Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011......

No real witticisms or words of wisdom tonight. A few pictures from yesterday's Mother's Day gathering, though.

These two beauties belong to my sister-in-law and her son.

This is a tree that grows out of the side of the bank and hangs out over the creek. I couldn't resist walking out on it.

This is the "hay barn" that came with the property when Mom and my brother bought it. The property used to be an ATV course, but I'm not sure what this shelter was used for. The ATV's were stored in a different building.

A couple of shots of one of the fields. I can't find my way from one to the other. I'm glad my iPhone has a GPS on it.

I love the water. I was checking out the creek to see how far I might be able to navigate in my kayak. I decided the answer is "not very far."

My sister-in-law and my niece. My SIL recently completed her motorcycle safety course and has her own motorcycle.

Lane riding Sahara. I called him a "real cowboy" because he was riding bareback, which only proves I'm a little....challenged. Katydid pointed out that would make him an Indian. (Apologies to all the Native Americans out there, but that's what she SAID.) That's what sisters do.

Brother (holding the horse's bridle) and brother-in-law.

All four siblings. (I'm the one between my two sisters. Good thing we didn't get pictures of them having to help me up.) Why doesn't it LOOK like I have lost 30 pounds????? Mom was sitting in the Jeep because the outing might have been a little much for someone who recently had knee replacement surgery. I'm sure I wouldn't have been smiling. I love this picture because if you click on it and make it big, you can see Hubby in the mirror of the Jeep, taking the picture. I love things like that. I'm kind of glad you can't see him better, because he's wearing the SAME DAMN GEORGIA SHIRT that he's wearing in every single one of our camping photos. I love the shirt, but I'm going to hide it next time we take the RV anywhere.

Mom, brother, and sis-in-law.

My niece. This fake smile is about the best she can do. Whine? She's an expert at that.

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DJan said...

Wonderful pictures! I just had to make the picture bigger and look at the red shirted guy. :-)