Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sometimes "I Told You So" is All You CAN Say......

Right after Hubby retired, he continued as a temp worker with Pepsi to tie up some loose ends for them. I thought he was NEVER going to stop working. He couldn't turn down the extra money, and as he said, the work wasn't that hard.

Then he REALLY retired, and life was groovy. [Please shoot me. Or tell me I did NOT just use the word "groovy."] The temp agency called again (I think they know exactly how long to wait before he'll forget), and he said, "Oh, it's only for two weeks. I could use the extra money. Blah... blah... blah..." He did that for a few days, hated it, called the temp agency and said he couldn't do all that heavy lifting, and he retired again.

Then someone from Pepsi called a few months after THAT and said they could use some help with blah blah blah blah, and he said, "Oh, it's only for two weeks. I could use the extra money. Blah... blah... blah..." He hated it from the first minute. He did NOT want to get up every morning, he did NOT want to have to follow a schedule, and he did NOT want to do what other people told him to do. He called in sick on his last day. He didn't even call in sick when he worked full time. Never.

He told me after that episode that it was my job to remind him, just in case they ever called him again (which I doubted, since he turned out to be a horrible hourly employee after he retired from being an excellent regular employee), that he did NOT need extra money that badly, and that he did NOT want to work. Even temporarily.

Fast forward to just a couple of weeks ago. Hubby called me at school and said, "I'm going back to work." Because it was my duty, I said, "You TOLD me to tell you...."

I think you can see where this is going. He said, "Oh, it's only for two weeks. I could use the extra money to pay for the golf trip to the mountains. Blah... blah... blah..."

He came home griping about the work on the very first day. He was simply following one of the regular route guys around and helping him do his job. Then they decided Hubby could be the man in charge of doing all the convenience store resets, since he knows his stuff so well. Your average temp worker? Not so much.

Hubby told them he didn't want to do that either. Tomorrow is his last day.

He told me to remind him, I reminded him, and it did no good. Guess how sympathetic I've been?


KatyDid53 said...

You guys are hilarious!

DJan said...

It doesn't seem like he is going to learn, does it? Well, it makes for a great story!