Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Tell or Not to Tell......

I didn't plan to schedule these two things back to back, since they aren't related at all. The titles lend themselves to one another, though, and it beats having to come up with something intelligent coherent reasonable interesting intriguing thought-provoking for a blog topic.

There is a woman who attends the same Zumba class(es) I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is very attractive (not that has anything to do with this story) and very fit (believe it or not, neither does that.)

She often brings her young daughter to class with her. I would guess the daughter is around seven or eight years old. She's precious, but she has a weird haircut. It's one of those asymmetrical hairdos that look good on some people, but it looks a little strange on a little girl. That has nothing to do with this story either.

Sometimes the girl dances with us; sometimes she sits and watches. I think she takes gymnastics before the Zumba class, so she's probably too tired to dance much. What am I thinking..... little girls don't even get tired.

A couple of weeks ago, the little girl had on a cute little skirt with flip flops. She was sitting on the floor facing the dancers, and she was sitting with one leg tucked up under her and the other knee up in the air.

She was very close to me, because I try to position myself on the front row. I have to be able to see the instructor's feet, and most women try to hide in the back anyway. There are no mirrors in the gym where we take Zumba, and that also has nothing to do with this story.

The disturbing part of this story (that I'm beginning to regret wasting your time with) is not that the girl was showing her underwear by sitting that way.

It's that she wasn't wearing ANY underwear.

I tried very hard not to look at her, but I mean she was RIGHT THERE. Her mom was dancing next to me, and I kept waiting for her to say something to the little girl about the way she was sitting. But apparently the mom didn't notice. Or it was okay for her daughter to show her privates to the class.

Should it have bothered me? Am I a pervert because I noticed? Am I a pervert because it bothered me?

Granted, there are mostly women in the class, and I would venture to say that most of us are moms. But there are occasionally men in Zumba too.... and does that matter? Should it?

I don't mean to imply that I was OFFENDED by the sight of the little girl, and despite the title of this blog post, I certainly didn't entertain the thought of saying anything to the girl's mother. But should SOMEONE have? Is this just a sign of our increasingly phobic times? I mean, this wouldn't have caught anyone's attention in years gone by, and now I've devoted an entire blog post to it.

I'm sure one of those folks in the Atlanta area with the new ordinance against breast feeding in public would have a field day with it.


DJan said...

This is a tough one. The little girl might have been trying to get attention by doing that, and I fear that the attention she ends up getting will be damaging to her. You are not wrong to get upset by this as I know I would, too.

Kelly said...

I'm not a prude (nor a pervert), but I find this quite inappropriate. I could overlook it if the girl were maybe two or three.... but seven or eight?? Then again, I'm not assertive enough to have said anything to the mother, either.