Monday, November 1, 2010

Status Update.....

Lest all three of you think I've given up on my quest to lose weight and become more physically fit, I thought I would update you on the situation.

As of this morning, I have lost 15 pounds. That seems like a depressingly small number when I think back to the time when I first joined Weight Watchers. I lost almost 15 pounds in the first two weeks alone.

Then I remember that when I first joined Weight Watchers, I was just 32 years old instead of pushing 50.

I have stuck to my eating plan for the most part, but I have stopped logging in to the WW website (and paying them money every month for the privilege of entering the weight that I see on MY SCALE every Monday). I don't eat chocolate after lunch every day, and I don't miss it. Much.

I very rarely drink beer anymore, and I don't miss it. Much.

I'm trying to remind myself that losing weight is best done slowly, because the likelihood is greater that the weight will actually STAY off. I'm also trying to celebrate the small successes.

Today I wore these slacks to school.

They are very casual slacks, sort of like carpenter's pants with the pockets on the side. But they most assuredly CANNOT BE carpenter's pants because they are made by Ralph Lauren. They have little gold studs or brads on them, and they SNAP instead of button.

They snap.

That's why I haven't worn them in two years. I couldn't snap them. The last time I forced myself to wear these pants, I could just barely snap them, and I spent about sixteen hours out of my work day SNAPPING THEM OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I thought I had put these pants in the goodwill pile, because I fully intended to get rid of them. I didn't think I would ever be able to wear them again.

Today the only time I had to snap them was when I went to the bathroom.

TMI? Sorry.

I also wore this blouse today.
The make-up stain wasn't there when I wore it, though. I got that on there pulling it off over my head. Carefully, so as not to get make-up on it. It was also nicely ironed when I wore it, but apparently I curled up into a ball under my desk at some point during the day and got it all wrinkled.

The last time I wore this blouse my belly made it stick out and it looked like a maternity top. It didn't help matters that the fabric has a little stretch to it. Stretch it did.......alllllllllllllllllllll the way out there.

Today it actually hung like I think it was supposed to.

I'd like to lose 35 more pounds, but I'll settle for 25.

I've still got a long way to go. But any progress is good progress.

I may even find a whole new wardrobe in the back of my closet.


Anonymous said...

Yea for you!!!!!

AmandaSue : ] said...

You're awesome!