Thursday, November 4, 2010

Surprise, Surprise.....

I love surprises!

After a HELLACIOUS day (why do those ALWAYS come when you're trying to dash out early so you can leave town for a long weekend? Payback?), I just barely had time to change clothes and pack the few remaining belongings that I had not already put in the RV for our weekend bicycling trip. Seriously, I don't think a single article of clothing is left in my house. We brought it all with us.

Hubby? I think we're going to need a bigger RV.

There was a package on the table, though, and it was addressed to me, and I couldn't go away for the weekend leaving an unopened package on the table.

I hadn't ordered anything. Not this week anyway.

It's too early for my Gym Dogs t-shirt to be here.

I haven't left anything behind at a hotel lately, so it couldn't be something someone returned.

It was even better than any of that.

It was a completely, totally, 100%, bonafide, genuine SURPRISE!

My blogging pal Maggie sent me a beautiful yellow cap that she knitted herself. Amazingly enough, she had to have mailed this BEFORE I whined and whined about how cold it was going to be this weekend.

As you can see, she also sent me an eyemask. How could she have known that we have parked the RV in a church parking lot (more on that later) DIRECTLY UNDER A SECURITY LIGHT?

I think it's a special kind of bloggers' telepathy.

The ride this weekend is in North Florida. But Friday's ride has a remote start back across the Georgia border, so we were going to have to arrive at the campground in the dark tonight, park the RV, get up tomorrow morning, drive north to a church in Georgia, ride our bikes approximately 50 miles, then go BACK to the campground. Not much of a problem for people who have regular vehicles.

RV people? Not so easy.

We decided to cut out the middle man and just "camp" at the church tonight. We'll be here in the morning when the other riders arrive, then we'll get to the campground in the daylight tomorrow afternoon. We'll miss breakfast tomorrow morning at the campground, but it would take DAYS to eat everything Rozmo brought. We will not go hungry.

(Uh......God? Sorry about stealing your electricity. I would leave something in the offering plate if you didn't have to lock your doors these days. And I can explain about the bloody marys in your parking lot. Really I can.)

No matter what the weather does this weekend, my head will most certainly not be cold thanks to my blogging pal Maggie.

I love surprises!

Now if the weather can surprise us and jump up there in the 70's tomorrow, it will be just fine with me. I'll get plenty of wear out of my new Maggie-made hat this winter.

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Maggie said...

You are so welcome!!! I'm glad you like it!

And it's all about the blogger telepathy...!