Sunday, November 7, 2010

North Florida Tour Pictures.....

Rozmo told me to throw something into the water to trick these geese (ducks?) into coming over to where I was. It didn't take them long to discover my chicanery, and they turned around and left. I think they were insulted that I threw a leaf into the water.  

 Rozmo bundled up at the Rose Garden in Thomasville, Georgia.

I felt obligated to take pictures of..... roses..... at the Rose Garden in the City of Roses. Besides, the more pictures I took, the longer I could delay getting back on the bike.

Our trusty tandem resting at the gazebo in the Rose Garden.

The view from our RV camping spot at the 4-H camp. I would love to go back there in warm weather. They had a high dive into the lake and a wonderful swimming area.

I love how it's hard to tell where the real trees end and the reflections begin. Doesn't this look warm? It wasn't.

I never get tired of seeing Spanish moss. I know it's just a fungus or something, but I think it looks beautiful hanging from the trees.

The sun coming up over the lake, shining through the tree branches and the Spanish moss.

Florida has more springs than any other region in the world. I know of at least three different ones named Blue Springs. They're all blue. Duh.

The water was so clear it was hard to get a good picture of it. At this part of the park, there were steps that led directly down into the water. I didn't test the temperature. I was afraid it might be warm and I would jump in. If it had been, I would still be there.

The reflection makes it hard to see just how beautiful the water really was.

Katydid and Rozmo taking pictures of the trees and the interesting root systems. I know it appears that Rozmo is peering into that trash can, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't.

Our home for the weekend. The propane furnace in the RV works GREAT, and for that I am truly, truly grateful.

This was the only other RV at the bike ride this weekend. This one made me feel like we have the "poor people" version of an RV. I wanted him to leave first today so I could see how he negotiated the sharp turn out of the gate, but Rozmo and Katydid guided me through. I didn't even have to back up.

Rozmo's bike and her "Life is Good" flag. There's a reason the flower has a dot in the middle of it. It has to do with our team name, Team Chi-Chis. She's going to write each team member's name in a petal.

The Tandemonium, loaded up and ready to head home. This will probably be our last organized ride until the spring.

This precious dog showed up at camp right before we got ready to leave. She had the most gorgeous fur. She had a similar color pattern to beagles, but her hair was long. She was so sweet, and she chased the ball. Then when I turned to go back to the RV, she jumped up and put her paws on my back. "I'm not finished here!" she seemed to say.


Anonymous said...

Funny - it doesn't look that cold!


Maggie said...

I love the Spanish moss shots- those are stunning! It looks like it was a fun (warm) trip!