Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why I Love Living in the South.....

Having a day like today is one of the reasons I love, love, love living in the South. I don't complain when it's 95 degrees with 90 percent humidity, because the trade-off is having temperatures near 70 degrees in late November. However, I officially hereby reserve the right to whine, complain, grouse, bitch AND moan, and suck my thumb when the temperature drops below 30. Or 40. Possibly even 50. I'm just sayin.

Katydid, Rozmo, and I did a 50-mile bike ride today. Rozmo and I had ridden this particular route twice before, but Katydid had never done it. I created the route on the computer, and I did an excellent job if I do say so myself. **That is the sound of my arm breaking because I'm trying to pat myself on the back. ** It is very rural and scenic, there is very little traffic, it has at least 4 store (and bathroom) stops, and there are no killer hills. My cycling goal for 2010 (2010 miles) is very reachable, particularly if we have several more of these beautiful days between now and December 31st. That's pretty remarkable, considering I didn't get serious about reaching the goal until about October. You know, when I got a new bike and all.

This is a house we see on this route. We are probably showing our country bumpkinness by stopping to take a picture of it. It's not in an area where you would expect to see a house of this size.

 Even their front gate is impressive. I wanted to try random entry codes, but my companions advised against it.

This is one of our favorite store stops. It's just a little country store in a town that isn't even officially incorporated, but they are very friendly, especially to cyclists. Apparently there are several groups of them who include this stop on their regular routes. 

In this picture, Rozmo was clowning around, posing for the camera. She didn't see the guy sitting on the "Liar's Bench" behind her until he got up and offered to take a picture of all three of us.

Being a man, he has no idea that he should only photograph women from the waist down. And oh yeah, we wanted the store name IN the picture. But he was still very nice to offer.

This is one of Rozmo's favorite signs. It is at a house where a guy will crack pecans for you. He used to have a very amateurish sign, but apparently he got a lot of attention with it, because this one is much more professional. I took the picture below while we were still riding. I'm practicing my Rozmo skills. Sorry, Katydid.

I didn't realize Rozmo was going to stop, allowing me to take a picture from the OTHER side, where the light was admittedly much better.

This is at a miniature horse farm just a few miles from my house. Rozmo and I saw the babies three weeks ago when we last did this ride, and I have meant to post those pictures. On that day I was afraid the baby was going to run away before I could get his picture, but I have one with his little nose pressed right up against the fence. He lost interest pretty quickly, however, when he realized we didn't have any apples or anything. I think I heard him curse us as he walked away.

They aren't quite as cute as they were three weeks ago. After I had put the camera away and we were getting back on the bike, THEN they turned and walked toward the fence. Buttheads.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


DJan said...

And the same to you: have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! We are digging out from cold and snow up here in the Pacific Northwest where it's usually quite mild. I could hardly keep my wild birdies in bird seed!

Anonymous said...

"Granddaddy's Crackhouse" - classic!!!

Kelly said...

Saw your post title in a comment at Bush Babe's and had to come check it out.

I'm a Southern girl, too, and much prefer warm weather to cold!