Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Halftime Blog Post......

It's hard for me to corral my thoughts because it's halftime of the UGA-Ga. Tech football game. This game is huge EVERY year, but this year it determines whether or not UGA goes to a post-season bowl game. We're leading at halftime, but we have also looked shaky. As in fumbling the opening kickoff.

I spent most of the day with all of my siblings (yay!) and my mother (not so yay!). It wasn't a planned get-together, but we always have a good time when we get together. At least most of us.

Perhaps it says a great deal about the level of my own romanticism, but I hate, hate, hate the sappy Kay Jewelers commercials at Christmas time.

I overate on Thanksgiving, haven't ridden my bike for four days, haven't exercised except to walk in the woods today looking at the land my mother is in the process of buying, and haven't cooked any healthy meals. But I did NOT gain any weight. In fact, I may have lost half a pound. That is amazing bordering on miraculous.

And now halftime is over, and I cannot multitask during a football game.

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