Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Pictures.....

I am officially middle-aged -

My child now cooks Thanksgiving dinner for ME.

In all fairness, it's most likely the only way she was going to get a Thanksgiving meal. I CAN cook, I've never poisoned anyone (so far), and I have even received compliments on my cooking from time to time, but it's not something I'm known for. More like I'm known for avoiding it.

In all my (middle-aged) years, I think I have been compelled to cook Thanksgiving dinner exactly twice. We don't have any deep-rooted family traditions regarding Thanksgiving. Sometimes Nurse Jane hosts the entire family at her home (bless her), and on at least two occasions Hubby and I have gone to one of those belly-up-to-the-buffet type restaurants.

Sweet Girl loves to cook. I don't know where she got that gene; we know it wasn't from me. And as for her father's side of the family ...... uh, probably not. Perhaps it isn't genetic at all. Maybe she developed a desire to cook simply to survive.

Okay, I'm not really that bad. I generally cook at least four nights a week, although they generally aren't gourmet meals. And I don't enjoy it. Cooking is not a hobby, it does not relieve stress for me (rather it creates stress), and I would be happy never to have to cook again. On the other hand, if I won the lottery and became very wealthy overnight, I don't think I would hire a chef either. A maid is a different story.

Thanksgiving dinner at Sweet Girl's house was wonderful. I felt guilty having so much food for only three people (and two dogs). I hope Sweet Girl will eat most of the leftovers.

Hubby trying to figure out the iPad. Is it just me, or is he wearing that same t-shirt every time I post pictures of him? I know he's been wearing it on several of our RV trips. Perhaps it's because I'm usually taking pictures of him on the weekend, and we tend to wear our UGA stuff on football weekends. 

Sweet Girl trying to figure out a recipe. Check out what her t-shirt says. It's an aviation thing.

 Daisy trying to figure out how to get to the food:

 Gus trying to figure out how to keep the ball to himself:

My lone contribution to the meal was pinto beans because Hubby loves them. And they didn't come out of a can, either!

Sweet Girl timed her cooking perfectly, and everything was ready at the same time. That takes talent, especially in a small kitchen.

Sweet potato souffle with marshmallow topping:

Macaroni and cheese. And it didn't come from a box!

Sweet Girl calls it stuffing. I don't know where she got that. We've never had "stuffing" in our house. It's always been called dressing. But it was moist and delicious, so she can call it whatever she wants to.

We also had the requisite turkey, but the picture looked gross to me and reminded me of my post about raising chickens from several days ago. It tasted delicious, trust me, but the picture did not conjure up images of deliciousness.

After the heavy meal, Sweet Girl and I took the dogs for a walk. I can't say we burned off many calories, since it was mostly a stroll, but it felt good to get out in the fresh air for a little while. It was 80 degrees there yesterday. Both Daisy and Gus wished they could get off their leashes and terrorize these geese and ducks.


DJan said...

If you were a skydiver (like me), you would easily recognize a t-shirt that says, "I Love the Smell of Jet Fuel in the Morning." Cause I been there, done that! That Sweet Potato thingie caught my eye, I would LOVE to have tried it. Great pictures, thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

KatyDid53 said...

This looked absolutely lovely! How sweet to have your baby cook for you. It looks like it was yummy!

Kelly said...

It all looks wonderful!

Everyone comes to our house for Thanksgiving and I do the majority of the cooking. This year younger daughter brought the desserts (two kinds of pie) and older daughter brought an appetizer and a side dish.

And yes... it's dressing, not stuffing!

Your dogs are cute!!

Julie said...

80 degrees for Thanksgiving Day. I want to live there. It was in the low forties here in Indiana with rain all day. Yuck, we couldn't even go out for our traditional family walk.

Julie said...

I like to think of the cooking of the Thanksgiving dinner as the passing of the baton.

I haven't graduated to cooking the whole meal but once, but I am allowed to bring some of the traditional recipes now. I have this great sweet potato recipe that you fix in your crock pot with apples, raisins and lots of spices. It only uses a quarter cup of brown sugar and and a half cup of butter, so it's even pretty healthy, plus you cook it in your crock pot, so you can mix it up and forget it. I like that sort of cooking.

Bragger said...

But DJan, I WAS a skydiver! I just never jumped out of a JET! Ha ha ha