Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank You All Around......

I posted last Thursday about the wonderful surprise I got in the mail from my blogging pal Maggie. In case you have forgotten or don't want to go back to that post, I'll refresh your memory. She sent me a wonderful yellow knit cap, just in time for the coldest weekend we've had this year, along with an eye mask and a precious journal. I gushed in my blog post about how nice it was to get a surprise, and then over the weekend I realized I never said "THANK YOU" to Maggie for being so stinkin' thoughtful. Thank you, Maggie, from the bottom of my heart. If ever I needed a pick-me-up gift, it was last week. You rock!

I would also like to thank Evil Pixie for making me her featured blogger this week. I am honored to be included in the same company as Evil Pixie and some of her fellow bloggers and photographers. Ever since I started following her blog, Evil Pixie has been quick to comment on my blog posts and to answer my lame and ignorant questions about photography. Thank you, Evil Pixie, for making me feel like a very special member of a very special club.

While I'm on a roll related to blogging, I would like to thank my former co-worker and blogger extraordinaire Neena over at Hooey!Critic. I still have no idea what a hooey is or why one would want to criticize it, but Neena is one of my all-time favorite people. When I unexpectedly had to teach English Literature, Neena shared all her teaching materials and lesson plans with me. Sorry, Neena, but I never DID learn to like Brit Lit. Thank you for being my friend and for introducing me to the blog world. I had no idea it was filled with such wonderful people. I should have known, though, if YOU were part of it, it had to be marvelous. Yes you will finish that Ph.D., and just like childbirth, when it's over you will say to yourself, "Well. That wasn't so bad after all." I promise.

Two of my most faithful readers are my sisters, Katydid and Nurse Jane, and I would like to thank them publicly for encouraging my writing. They keep me honest, because if I tried to pull off any fraud on my blog, they would call me on it immediately. They also kept Mom from killing me when I got suspended from school in the tenth grade. If there is any class to this blog at all, it is because I know they will read it. If you find anything on the blog completely without class, the fault is all mine.

Thank you to anyone else out there who reads my blog, either occasionally or regularly. As I mentioned in my questionnaire for Evil Pixie's featured blog post, I think blog writing requires a more "professional" (for lack of a better word) level of writing than mere journal writing. Please don't ever go away, because if I ever resort to the kind of garbage I used to write in my journals, I may have to burn this blog too.

Thank you to everyone who has ever loved me or at least not hated my guts enough to tell me!


Anonymous said...

I feel all warm and fuzzy! And, I'm going to hold you to that promise - especially since I'm about the enter the 'active' phase of labor!

Maggie said...

Ah shucks- two posts mentioning me in less than a week? You are so welcome! I'm glad you like it! (and I took the post from last Thursday as a thank you! But it's nice to hear again!)

DJan said...

Dang! I came over here from Evil Pixie's blog and now I have ANOTHER blog I just have to follow! I think I am up to seventy, which is only hard when I try to comment on every one, every day. So know I'm reading, even when I'm not always commenting. Blogging is more fun for me when I try not to make it into a JOB! :-)