Sunday, November 14, 2010

Musings About Cycling in Mississippi......

  • Mississippi has a lot more dirt roads than we do here in North Georgia.
  • Mississippi also has a lot more undeveloped land. 
  • Dogs in Mississippi are even more likely to be loose than they are in Georgia.
  • If you speak sweetly to two dogs because they are behind a fence, one of them may crawl under the wire and chase you, teeth bared, for a mile. Or more.
  • Many people in Mississippi are dumbfounded to see someone riding a bicycle.
  • Many dumbfounded people in Mississippi are still friendly.
  • Mississippi has a tremendous amount of road kill.
  • You can only hold your breath for so long when you are forced to ride right past a dead skunk.
  • If a woman out walking with her small son tells you, "I don't even go down that road alone in my truck," it's a good sign you should turn around.
  • If you leave your bike outside the clubhouse at the golf course and go inside to get some water for your water bottles, you shouldn't then go out the BACK door of the clubhouse and wonder where your bike is.
  • If you walk through the construction entrance at the casino at break time for the workers and you're wearing cycling shorts and jersey, expect a lull in conversation. At least until you are out of earshot.
  • If you do more cycling than gambling, you will bring home almost all the money you took with you.

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KatyDid53 said...

Oh, I can SO relate to that going out the back door thing! I did that at the Varsity in Atlanta one day and thought my car had been stolen!