Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stalked by a Black Snake.....

Hubby took the day off from golf today (again!), so we walked in the park early this morning so we could be home in time to see our BELOVED BULLDOGS LOSE to South Carolina.

And that's enough about that.

I had told him about the snake I saw in the park last week. When we approached the spot where I saw the snake, I pretended to tiptoe past it. I told him how after I saw the snake, every root, every stick, every shadow became a snake.

We were headed back this morning, but at just about the most distant part of the park from where I first saw the snake, when we rounded a turn and I said, grabbing Hubby's arm, "And there he is!"

I swear it was the same snake. It was the same color, the same length, the same creepiness. He even wore the same sneer. Hubby said, "He would have had to crawl a long way."

"Hell, he's had three days to do it!" I replied.

"I think he's stalking you," Hubby grinned.

And yet again I didn't have my camera or iPhone to take a picture.

Once again, every root, every stick, every shadow became a snake.


BUSH BABE said...

Gads... are black snakes in YOUR world like the black snakes here? Nasty venomous blighters? Not sure if ours sneer or not... will try to check next time.

How funny my bike story had snakes in too this week!

Julie said...

Umm, black snakes that we have around here are not venomous and they're supposed to be good to have around your house because they'll eat rodent pests. They'll also climb trees for a little egg snack, so if you've got a bird feeder or nests nearby that you love, you may need to add some sort of deterrent, such as tack strips around trees, etc...