Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Vignettes.......

  • Tonight I missed line dancing for the third straight week. Granted, the first of those weeks was Labor Day, so it doesn't really count. I felt like I was playing hooky from school, but Hubby was in full let's-get-this-done mode when I got home, so I couldn't just go off and leave him to rearrange furniture and clean up. Last week we were hanging blinds and a ceiling fans. Maybe I can go on Thursday this week instead. If I get a note from my  mother explaining my absences.
  • As promised, I ordered a Road I.D. bracelet today. You could either get an interactive version, with an i.d. number and login on the back of the bracelet, or you could just get the traditional kind with your emergency contact information engraved on it. Not only did I NOT want to pay $9.95 a year for the privilege of having my data stored somewhere, I also saw the need for immediate access to such data this past Saturday. If I'm bleeding on the side of the road and someone is having to do CPR on ME, I don't want someone else to have to look on the other side of my bracelet, call a number, and wipe the blood off to see some additional numbers in order to save my life. But maybe that's just me. The company that makes the bracelets suggested putting the year of your birth (but not the month and date) on the bracelet, because apparently treatment options are different according to your age group. I didn't know that. I put three contact numbers on my bracelet (Hubby, Sweet Girl, and Nurse Jane, because Katydid is likely to be WITH me if I'm ever injured on a bike ride), and there was a final line available for a slogan, a quote, or a message. I was about to look up some (short) inspirational quotes online when a line from a Billy Joel song came to me that seemed to fit exactly. I'm not going to say what it is yet, because I want Katydid to see my bracelet before she reads the line here. 
  • My plan for tonight's blog post was to make a video of our new bedroom suit (it was finally delivered on Saturday while I was biking). But I've started back working on my quilt, and I sewed right up until time for the baseball game to come on. Key series with the Phillies. I hope I don't run out of blood pressure medicine.
  • I am becoming less and less OCD about things as I get older. This time I'm specifically talking about my quilt. It is made up of large squares that are each four smaller squares put together. I won't even try to explain it, but you can see a picture of it by clicking here. When I first started, I numbered zip lock bags with the number of square that the colored squares went with. I didn't want to repeat the smaller colored squares on the same row. When I started back working on my quilt after a long hiatus, I cut some new colored squares and then dumped a whole bunch of them into one big bag. Who in the world is going to care if something is repeated? Who is going to notice? It's much less stressful than keeping track of those numbered zip lock bags. I realize after typing this paragraph that there are some things about my personality I should keep to myself, even if I AM working on correcting them. 
  • One of my co-workers heard me telling the story about the injured cyclist over the weekend, and he reported that you shouldn't even do CPR on a person who is 65-70 years old. Seriously? There's a cut-off? Will someone let me know when I reach it? Can I just not be near this person if I'm ever in need of CPR? Can I just not be near this person PERIOD?
  • Something stung me right under the tear duct in my right eye yesterday when I was walking in the park. When I woke up this morning, it looked from the inside looking out like I had a huge suitcase hanging under my eye. I was more than a little dismayed when, looking for a little sympathy, I pointed it out to Hubby. He looked from one eye to the other a couple of times and reported that they looked the same to him. All that after I was VERY sympathetic about the sty he had on his eye last week.
  • I am way too excited about Dancing with the Stars starting back tonight. I don't even know the full line-up, but I can't wait to see it tomorrow morning. Before Hubby gets up.
  • Hubby places all the blame on UGA's 0-2 start in the SEC on the fact that we are using a stand-in mascot. Seriously, how much trouble could it BE to have an all-white English bulldog waiting in the wings at all times?


Maggie said...

I laughed out loud at several times in this post- I love you, you make me laugh! thank you!

KatyDid53 said...

Okay, I'm getting ready to order mine now, so I hope you didn't use "Don't ask me why!"