Thursday, September 16, 2010

Progress So Far....

This is mostly for Sweet Girl, who is one of the few people who can actually tell what we've done in our renovations. And I use the term "our" loosely in the extreme. 

The picture above is taken from what used to be the "computer room" (but was really a junk room) looking into Sweet Girl's old room. The walls in her room were blue, and there were glow-in-the-dark stars all over the ceiling and on the blades of the ceiling fan. I dreaded taking all those stars down, but they weren't any trouble at all. I dreaded picking them up more, but Hubby did that before the carpet people got there. The wall between the two bedrooms was just about where those carpet scraps are. The doorway to Sweet Girl's room was covered with sheetrock, and you can't tell the doorway was ever there.   


This picture shows where our new bed will go. It will go from the middle of one set of windows to the middle of the other set. I'm going to get some sort of window treatments or curtains, but I want to get the bedding first to be sure it matches. We are excited about having a king-size bed. Maybe the animals that sleep in our bed will give us a little more room.

This one is looking from Sweet Girl's room into the "computer room". The little alcove to the right is where our television armoire will go.....if it fits. We are holding our breath, because the space is otherwise so perfect for it. That little alcove is where the door to Sweet Girl's room was. The ceiling fan in this picture is new, so our room will have his-and-her ceiling fans. They don't match exactly, but how many people are going to be wandering through our bedroom comparing the ceiling fans?

I am very pleased with both the paint and the carpet. I picked out both, but I wasn't sure how either of them would look. The paint isn't nearly as yellow as it appears in these photos, not that there's anything WRONG with yellow. The carpet is Berber-style and stain-resistant. It is also in the hall and on the stairs. As soon as we get everything squared away in the bedroom, we are going to put the same carpet in our old room, which will be the new guest room.

Now if we can just get a moving company who wants our business to call us back. Hubby is usually all about doing things himself, but this time he decided to go the professional route.

The quilt I started 18 years ago and have recently decided to finish?

Yeah, it's a queen-size.

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Starry wonder said...

I can't believe that's part of the house it looks really nice, y'all have done a good job, it's a little sad though that my pretty blue walls and stars are gone.