Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Granddog......

I don't know if any of you have ever tried to get a beagle to pose for a picture. They can be a stubborn breed. Daisy will sit still just to taunt me, but she refuses to look at me.

Daisy and Sweet Girl have come home for the weekend to visit us. They don't come nearly often enough.

Right this minute Gus is upstairs on the bed with Hubby, traumatized by the fact that there is another dog in the house. He acts tough, but he's really intimidated by Daisy.

Not that he should be. Daisy is more likely to roll over on her back and expose her tummy, just screaming submissiveness. I think Gus just doesn't trust her.

He may be right. I don't think you can trust any dog that won't look at the camera lens.

Pardon the blurriness of the picture below. I was so excited to see her eyes, I didn't focus very well. I think she knows that.

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