Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can't Shake that Feeling.....

Katydid and I have long had some of the same freaky experiences. Once when she flew to Cocoa Beach, Florida, to see Nurse Jane and watch the space shuttle lift off, she fainted eight seconds before liftoff and missed the whole thing. For no apparent reason. Also for no apparent reason, I fainted the same morning. We haven't had the same experiences with Nurse Jane, probably because she is way too normal to participate in our weirdness. Someone has to be sane enough to direct the men in the white coats when they come to get us.

Yesterday morning was another of those experiences. I had set my alarm for 5:00 to get to the bike ride by 8:00. [Cyclists in general must be psycho to get up at 5:00 AM on SATURDAY, drive 100 miles, ride a bicycle 68 miles for a t-shirt and a post-ride beer meal, then drive 100 miles back home, sweaty, tired, and sore.] I woke up one time at 3:32 and was relieved that I had another hour and a half to sleep.

Then I heard someone say my name. It woke me up, and I jumped so violently that I pulled something in my back just a little bit. "Yeah?" I replied, glancing at the clock. It was 4:47. In that fleeting moment of thought in which I wondered why someone was calling my name, I thought I had overslept and Katydid was outside calling my name. That is completely illogical, since Katydid wasn't coming here. We usually meet at a park-n-ride so she doesn't have to drive all the way to my house. It was also illogical to think that Katydid would stand outside and say my name, since our bedroom is upstairs and our front door is rarely locked. But please don't come burgle us.

My jumping and answering a call that wasn't there woke Hubby up, but he didn't respond. If he had, it probably would have been along the lines of, "Why the hell are you waking ME up just because YOU are going on a bicycle ride?"

It was the freakiest thing. I heard that voice. It was a female voice, and it said my first name. IT WOKE ME UP, for crying out loud. All day long yesterday, I couldn't shake that weird feeling that someone had said my name at 4:47 yesterday morning. On the bright side, I was able to turn off the alarm so it wouldn't wake Hubby up. My thrashing and muttering notwithstanding.

UPDATE ON THE INJURED MAN: I sent a text message to the ride organizer last night telling her to let me know if she heard anything about the condition of the man injured in yesterday's bicycle ride. I woke up this morning with the strongest feeling that he had died. But she had texted me back, and she said he was apparently going to be okay. She said CT scans were fine and he didn't appear to have any internal injuries. I am so relieved. Okay, maybe Nurse Jane DOES share in some of these freaky things. She has the same last name as the man injured on the ride yesterday.

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