Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Note to Self.....

Note to Self #2:

This note to self should be saved and stored away until late next April or early May, whenever the folks at your virtual PART-TIME job start asking who wants to teach summer school.

You know how you always say it's hard to turn down extra money?
You don't need it. You're not broke. Walk away from the money.

You know how you always say it's only a couple of hours a day?
It's 8:00 at night, your floors need to be swept and mopped, you are NOT caught up, and the students will turn in a dozen or so assignments overnight because that's when the little bastards....I mean darlings....like to do their work. You haven't been in the pool since Sunday, and even then you felt guilty. It's way more than a couple of hours a day.

You know how you say you can't tell these people no because you might want to teach for them full-time?
The full-time job you already have isn't this hard. And you only have 540 more school days until you can retire. Then they'll pay you to stay home. It's okay to say no every now and then, particularly if it's to save your own sanity.

You know how school starts in August and you always feel like you didn't have a summer?
Could be because you spent all summer working at a PART-TIME job. Take the summer off. Instead of the one week you will have between the end of the virtual school summer session and the beginning of your real job.

You know how you always think if you could just get caught up everything would be all right?
There is NO SUCH THING as getting caught up in summer session. The night before exams (WHICH IS DURING THE WEEK OF HUBBY'S OTHER VACATION, I MIGHT ADD), you will still be grading assignments (albeit halfheartedly) and wondering if they really matter.

You know how you always think this is something you can do to be productive while Hubby is at work during the summer?
Hubby usually gets home by noon. And you're on the computer. All afternoon.



***By the way, I hope you pay more attention to this note to self than you did the one from last August. That note to self was to remind you not to ever go to another UGA football game because you suffered so at the last one. Don't think I didn't notice today when you bought Hubby a new pair of UGA shorts to wear to the first home game.


KatyDid53 said...

Amen! Sing it, Sister!

Julie said...

I hope your students don't read your blog and use the "halfhearted" grading comment to whip you with. I think teachers should be paid enough that they could lie on the beach all summer and sip cool tropical drinks without worrying about second jobs. I happen to think that good teachers deserve that!