Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feeling Inferior.....

I was going to write a whole post about how much I hate Pioneer Woman, but then I had to be honest and admit that I don't really HATE her. She's impossible to hate. But she makes me feel so.........darned inferior.

I would love to be the photographer that Pioneer Woman is. She just knows so darn much about it. I have a big honking digital SLR camera that I paid mucho dinero for, and I still use it like it's a point-and-shoot. It doesn't help that Pioneer Woman also apparently has a bottomless pit of a money source, and she has all the best toys and gadgets for her cameras. Even after I retire and have gobs of time to spend learning everything about photography, my brain will never hold one millionth of the information she knows. That's hateable.

Anyone who has read Pioneer Woman's blog knows that she is also an amazing cook. Not only does she devote an entire section of her blog to her cooking, she has produced a COOKBOOK, for God's sake. And I'll probably feed her damn legend and buy a copy, hoping against hope that I can duplicate.....maybe just ONCE.....her success in the kitchen. But I know I'll never measure up, and I'll go on flippantly saying I hate cooking anyway, when I know the truth of the matter is that I'm just not good at it. And not interested in getting any better. But Pioneer Woman can cook in her sleep. That's hateable.

I could aspire to reach her level in photography and cooking, but I have to admit that matching her parenting skills is beyond me now. My Sweet Girl will be 25 in 13 days, and any hopes I had of becoming a better mother went by the wayside years ago. I've always said that parenting is nothing but blind luck. Pioneer Woman, then, should go to Las Vegas and spin the roulette wheel. 'Cause she got really lucky four times.

I can't even write as well as Pioneer Woman, and I've got three college degrees. One of them in English. Maybe I can -- I found a grammatical error in one of her posts when she said something about "laying by the pool." Everyone knows it's "lying by the pool." So maybe I do have one small thing on her. Never mind that only six people in the world, the ones who read this blog, know that I have one tiny bit more of intelligence as it relates to English grammar than the paragon of blogging, Pioneer Woman.

One area where I DON'T feel inferior, however, is comparing Hubby to Marlboro Man. She can have MM's forearms and chaps. I'll take Hubby's legs over MM's forearms any day.


Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel any better I often feel inferior to your writing ability and your ability to recall memories and tell stories!

You may pick Hubby's legs, but ya gotta admit that those are some nice forearms!

KatyDid53 said...

You are inferior to NO ONE! Have I told you how many times I have felt inferior to you? And how much I admire you?

Bragger said...

MamaNeena, I feel inferior to YOU because you can manage about a gazillion kids and go back to school to get your PhD and write and blog and manage your household and be sorry you're not at the BlogHer convention.