Friday, June 5, 2009


Two graduation ceremonies in two nights............

After 23 years of teaching, all the speeches sound pretty much the same.

Ironically, I also graduated on this date, 31 years ago. If you're trying to calculate my age, you'll come up a year more than I am. I skipped a grade in elementary school, so I had just turned 17 when I graduated.

Instead of a trip to the beach, my BFF Jason and I left at midnight, along with my mother, my eldest sister, and her two children to move her to Dallas, Texas. We drove for 19 hours or forever or something like that. Jason had family in Fort Worth, so we visited there for a couple of days. I think I've told the story before about how we went to his grandmother's house to spend the night. We really were best friends. Fought like brother and sister. His deaf great-grandmother lived there too, and when his grandmother asked Jason which sofa bed to make up for him, he said, "Neither one. We'll sleep together." Jason was fond of the shock factor. When we left the next morning, Jason's great-grandmother gave us a wedding present. I'm sure she assumed that was the only reason two young people of opposite sex would be sleeping in the same bed.

Also on this date, twenty-seven years ago, I got married to Sweet Girl's daddy. We went to Daytona Beach for our honeymoon. Daytona Beach is NOT a good place for a honeymoon.

Hubby also got married once on this date. We had to figure out the date because he didn't know it. He knew the year, and he knew it was a Wednesday, because back then he was off on Wednesdays, and he knew that after the ceremony (?) at the courthouse, he went to the golf course. Is it any wonder THAT marriage didn't last?

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Julie said...

Your stories are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. I held it all in until the part about Hubby knowing he was married on Wednesday and going golfing after the ceremony. It made me laugh so hard I cried!