Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roses and Rocks.....

I am shamelessly stealing the format for tonight's blog from my friend Maggie. She's a hilarious blogger and fellow English teacher. And I hope she gets a full-time job soon, but I don't think she wants to teach again. She should get an online teaching job like mine, so she can join me in pulling my hair out.

I always do this. Overestimate my own talents and abilities to balance way too many spinning plates at one time. I thought "Of course I can teach summer school and ride my bike (partway) across the state at the same time. It's online!"

I've been inundated with assignments, phone calls, text messages, emails, instant messages, and disasters. I will be so far behind in my grading when I go home tomorrow night that I may be forced to put it off for yet another day. And that makes so much sense it is frightening.

But I digress....

Roses to things that make me happy; rocks to things that make me want to throw them.

Roses to:

  • people who sit on their porches and wave at us cyclists as we ride by
  • dog owners who keep their pets under control when the cyclists ride by
  • ice cream at the end of a long, hot ride
  • a motel room with air conditioning
  • wireless internet service so I can "work" during the bicycle ride
  • a department chair who thinks I am wonderful (the same one who counted off points on my evaluation for "not volunteering")
  • a Hubby who doesn't mind that I disappear for a week (or part of a week) every year
  • fast downhills on safe country roads
  • State Botanical Gardens only 5 miles from the end of a ride
  • baseball
  • naps
Rocks to:

  • uphills
  • wind
  • rain
  • squeaks
  • loose dogs
  • automobiles that pass too closely to cyclists
  • cycling shorts that keep rolling down
  • people who create drama
  • discovering that you have no brakes after you just paid $55 to have the bike "serviced"

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Anonymous said...

I am totally stealing this idea for tomorrow considering I have no ideas left!