Friday, June 26, 2009

Sports in England.....

I just love it when major sports events take place in England. In the United Kingdom. Which of those is correct? I don't want to offend anyone.....

Lakeland Jo wrote a couple of weeks ago about what a pain it is when Wimbledon is going on. I guess if I lived there and had to contend with the crowds and the hype and all that I would feel differently, but I loooooooooooooooooooooooove Wimbledon.

I love it that it happens in the summer, when I'm home from school. And I love it that it comes on at 7:00 AM, because when else can I watch sports at that hour of the morning?

I have strict rules for deciding which players to pull for.

Generally, I pull for the Americans. That's sometimes a futile exercise when it comes to Wimbledon. I think 16 or 18 Americans started, and there were 6 left at one point this morning. And the one I was pulling for went down, so then there were 5.

I look at the seedings and pull for the underdog. Unless the underdog is playing Roger Federer. And anyone playing against Roger Federer is an underdog. He's just so darned cute. He even makes cute commercials. Last year I struggled with whether to pull for the cute Federer or the cute Nadal. This year I don't have that conflict, since Nadal had to pull out with an injury.

I pull against one of the Williams sisters, because it's so boooooooooooooooooorrrrrriiiiingggggg when it comes to a final between the two of them. I mean come on, how much of each other's game can they NOT know at this point? This year I'm pulling for Venus, which sort of goes against my own rule, because she's won more times than Serena has. But Serena grunts.

I pull against any women players who grunt. I find the grunting very distracting, and if I were playing against a grunter, I would send a line drive right toward her larynx. Game, set, match. It's not just me, either. The commentators did a whole segment about the grunters one day this week. One of the guilty ones was interviewed and she basically said, "No one's gonna make me stop grunting and I'll do it if I want to, and if anyone doesn't like it, they can just leave." I think she's up for the Miss Congeniality award.

I pull for anyone who has made it further than he/she should have had. Someone considered too old to play tennis, someone who has had a baby, someone fresh out of rehab....... oh wait, that's not tennis.

The only thing I don't get is the whole strawberries and cream thing.

One more week of Wimbledon, then it'll be time for the British Open two weeks after that. Sigh. Life is good.


Bush Babe said...

Yeah, I adore sports in the UK too (NB UK is United Kingdom - inluding Scotland and Wales and Southern Ireland, England is the bit at the south... *ducks as Poms start throwing rotten tomatoes my way*).

I ADORE Wimbledon and it's on my bucket list of things to do!!! I shall be doing the same thing with the WIlliams sisters and plugging for any Aussie that might still be in the hunt!


Lakeland Jo said...

It's not Wimbledon itself I hate, it's the British's media hysteria and fuss over whether Andy Murray can win the final. It starts weeks in advance, and drones on during the tournament. The pressure on the players must be hideous. I suspect in the States you will be freed up of all the British commentary- perhaps you have your own folk??

But I have no issue with it as such- in fact I used to go and I am thinking of taking mum and teenager next year . Glad you are enjoying!!!!