Friday, June 19, 2009

Awesome Show.....

Last night, I spent the night in the big city of Atlanta. We were having our two-day "professional learning symposium" (give me a large personal break), and normally I just drive back and forth instead of staying overnight.

This year, however, I had an ulterior motive.

After yesterday's session, I went to a hotel just down the street from our gathering place and checked in. I set up my computer and graded a few things. I freshened up my make-up and combed my hair. I still had a good bit of time, so I took a brief nap. Listening to presentations all day had worn me out.

About an hour later, there was a knock on the door. A good-looking man stood outside my door, and I let him in. We went to eat at the Broadway Diner and then went to see Jersey Boys at the Fox Theatre.
Okay, it was Hubby, but it felt sort of illicit. I mean, I checked into the hotel, he got there about an hour later, we spent the night, and then he got up and left early this morning. Gus spent the night alone (well, he had the cats for company), and Hubby wanted to get home and let him out to relieve his bladder. Plus he had a tee time. Hubby, not Gus.

Hubby's parting shot as he left this morning: "It's been a long time since I had a one-night stand."

Me: "It better have been."

I can't tell you how fabulous Jersey Boys was. One of my readers, Mickie (who hasn't posted lately.....I wonder what's up?), had commented that I was going to love Jersey Boys, but I had no idea just how much.

Oddly enough, it was Hubby's idea for us to go see the show. He's not big on....... shall we say..... events that smack of "culture". We bought the tickets way back in January, because that's the way we do things. We CAN be spontaneous, but we tend to plan things ahead. We're already scoping out tickets to an Atlanta Falcons game in November. Football is much more up Hubby's alley than a musical production, but he saw an advertisement for Jersey Boys and thought he might like to see it.

As big a Billy Joel fan as I am, I liked Jersey Boys MUCH more than Movin' Out. I loved the music, I loved their performances, I loved the humor, I loved the everything. I would go again tonight if I could.

But I wouldn't go alone. And there would go the whole one-night-stand concept.

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