Tuesday, February 3, 2009


If you'll forgive the blatant sacrilege, I am celebrating the resurrection of the dishwasher I wasted a whole blog entry lamenting over last night. But I guess one way to look at it is that she provided me with TWO nights of blog entries instead of just one.

Hubby, being A) the world's last perfect man; and B) ONE of the world's cheapest men, repaired the dishwasher himself. We thought something was wrong with the drain, and the dirty water couldn't get OUT. Or the motor was going. Do you realize how hard it is to ascertain whether or not a dishwasher is actually producing water? It's sort of like trying to see if the refrigerator light goes off when you shut the door. I did discover that you can make a dishwasher run with the door open if you strategically place a butter knife in the mechanism on the door. I also discovered that it helps to have some towels and/or a mop handy.

Seems that actually the hose that was responsible for bringing water INTO the dishwasher was hopelessly clogged and that's why the dishes were dirtier than when they went in, if that's possible. That hose is now clear and free and is on house arrest for the next two weeks for causing me to have to wash dishes by hand for two or three days in a row.

I was so grateful to have the dishwasher back that guess how I rewarded Hubby?

(Get your minds OUT of the gutter, please. Thank you.)

Dinner tonight was ham and cheese sandwiches on paper plates.


Oh, and Hubby's not really cheap. He's just like me in the sense that he'd just rather spend money on toys than something that is a necessity but not really fun, like a dishwasher. After hearing me slam dishes in and out of the sink for a few nights, he decided maybe it wasn't a luxury after all.

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Anonymous said...

I bet it was like wooing him all over again with a dinner like that :o)