Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Don't Get It....

In general, I don't get the whole concept of tattooing one's body. I'm not judgmental of those who HAVE tattoos or anything, I just don't understand the concept. There is not one inch on my body that I want to draw extra attention to by putting a piece of decorative (?) art there. That may be redundant; so sue me. I'm not even confident enough that a tattoo would draw attention AWAY from parts of my body, otherwise I may consider it.

That's one thing I don't get, but that's not really what this post is about.

The other day a lady who works at my school as a parapro asked me if A) I had seen her new tattoo and B) if I wanted to see it. Actually the answer to both of those questions was "No!" but I couldn't figure out a way out of it, since she was already pulling her shirt up.

In the front office. Of a school. In a building that houses the district's alternative school. And a precinct of the sheriff's office.

Now I'm the last person in the world who should be critical of anyone's size or weight or figure or whatever, but this lady is....umm.....large. When she pulled up her shirt and showed me her back, she was displaying quite a lot of skin. And her bra. And she was completely oblivious. Pity the poor 26-year-old on our staff (the only male in our half of the building) who walked into the office, completely unaware of what was going on. All he saw was this woman who takes up lunch orders and attendance every day with her shirt up and her bra showing. Too bad it wasn't one of the deputies. They have guns. I might have turned one of those on myself at the very least.

I only gave a cursory glance because I was embarrassed FOR her and embarrassed that she was NOT embarrassed. I think it was a skull and crossbones and she pointed out that it included her name and I know it was in color. Someone who got a better look than I did said it had something to do with Pirates of the Caribbean. And it covered her entire back. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll of it. When I questioned why anyone would want to do that to herself, her reply was "I like pain."

I don't get that.

While I sort of like the pain that comes with a 100-mile bicycle ride or an hour aerobics class with Dana or forty-five minutes on the elliptical, I just can't equate it with the pain of getting a full-color tattoo across my back. Or my ankle. Or my breast or buttocks or neck or shoulder or wrist or anything else that is covered with skin.

I can't say this next part WITHOUT sounding judgmental, so I'll just have to take the risk.

This same lady lost her house because she's a single mom and has a low-paying job. She moved in with her sister, who then lost HER house. I think they are in the process of moving into the basement of another relative's house. I understand many people are facing tough economic times, and I don't fault them for doing what they have to do in order to take care of their children.

But tattoos aren't cheap, are they? Especially the full-color ones that cover one's entire lower back? And include a detailed drawing of something piratey?

I really don't get that.


Anonymous said...

No, they are not cheap. I have three.

I do understand the whole 'pain' thing, but it didn't make a lick of sense until after I got my first one.

Hello, my name is Neena and I'm weird.

Bush Babe said...

I have already confessed at my blog about my tat... it's definitely not on display at all. For me and those intimate with me only. The pain was really not that great and despite the fact this tat has been under some serious stress over the years, I still love it.

But I have to say, if I was very poor and unable to pay rent - it wouldn't have been a big priority for me!!

Hecate said...

No tattoos aren't cheap. I have 8, and have been wanting to get a few more, but my family's well being comes first.

A back tat with full color, if she went to a good shop and not some whole in the ground, would run probably between $800-$1000, possibly more if it took a long time to do.