Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If I Won the Lottery.......

Things I would do if I won the lottery:

  • Buy a super-duper motor home and hire a driver who would just drive. Because we would both like to travel extensively, but we'd miss the animals too much to stay gone much without them. If we had a motor home, we could take them with us.
  • Go on the 42-day cruise to China and Japan that I saw advertised in a brochure yesterday. And book the Royal Owners Suite on the front of the ship (the one with the baby grand piano in it, because clearly if you take a cruise somewhere you're all about playing the piano in your room) and thumb my nose at all the "regular" passengers.
  • Put in a retractable roof over the swimming pool so I could still swim in the winter.
  • Build a 30,000 square foot closet and attach it to our bedroom.
  • Follow Billy Joel to every city on his tour with Elton John this year until he either issued an invitation to come meet him backstage or had me arrested for stalking.
  • Contribute enough money to UGA to score one of the luxury AIR-CONDITIONED booths in Sanford Stadium.
  • Go to New York to see a play once a week for a year. Or two.
  • Pay for Hubby to play golf at Pebble Beach. With Phil Mickelson. I believe he could take him, the way Phil has been playing recently.
  • Have all my moles removed.

1 comment:

Ann(ie) said...

Beautiful list. I would buy a beach house. And sit there with a beverage. ;)