Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Did I Just Say?

If you will allow me, I will burden you with one more RAGBRAI story. This one comes from my first RAGBRAI in 2004, but this story has hung around to haunt me.

It was a day of uncertain weather, sometimes raining and sometimes not. We'd wear rain jackets for a while and then the weather would clear, and we would take them off.

I was about to leave one of the small towns very early in the morning, and I couldn't decide whether I needed my rain gear or not. I stood there looking at the sky and debating. A somewhat elderly gentleman had parked his bike near mine, so as he approached I vocalized my weather gear dilemma. He gave me the strangest look, got on his bike, and left. I shrugged and chalked it up to my (just barely...HA!) Southern accent.

It was 60 MILES down the road that it occurred to me what I had said to that dear old man, and I nearly fell off my bike laughing. Out loud. And no one was riding with me. I had worded my problem thus: "Hmmmmmm......... jacket on? Or jacket off?"


Anonymous said...

That's too funny !

Karen said...

Thanks for checking my Blog! And Congratulations on the new Harley!! I use to have my own, put on 36,000 miles. Now I ride behind DH again, we bought two 4-wheelers and didn't have the storage! Enjoy the 'Ride'!!!