Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I swear it was a project for class......

Thank you, Benjamin Franklin, you freak. You could have used real words that the average.... or below average.... high school student would understand. Instead I may have some explaining to do to our Instructional Technology folks. As if they didn't hate us enough already...

My students mostly work independently, at their own pace, and on computers. So their assignments are tailored so they can do them on their own without just being, "Read such-and-such a story and answer questions 1-5 in complete sentences."

One of the selections for my American Literature course (I teach all levels of high school English) was an excerpt from Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography. In this excerpt are good old Ben's thirteen virtues. I had the bright idea to have students explain them visually rather than the same old boring "put these into your own words." I gave them a project whereby they use a program from Microsoft called PhotoStory (I absolutely love this program) to create a video of the 13 virtues, with graphics and captions and transitions and effects on the pictures and anything moving that would drive a typical ADHD kid crazy.

The first step (after reading the selection, which they would love to skip) is to download images from the internet for each virtue that they will import into their movies.

Virtue number 11 is Chastity.

Go to Google and do a search for images using the keyword chastity.

Go ahead. I dare you.

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