Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guilty Pleasures...

No, I'm not talking about THAT. This is not that kind of a blog.

I'm going to see a play with a dear friend from school tonight, and I find myself feeling a little guilty. Friday nights hubby and I usually have a quick bite at a local joint that serves beer (since the place a mile from our house closed, we have to drive a whole 3 miles), return home to watch t.v. (usually the tail-end of some golf tournament, until he falls asleep and I wrest the remote from his sleeping hand and turn it to college football), and go to bed at our standard 8:30. The exhilaration of our social life knows no bounds.

So I don't really understand why I feel guilty. I sent him a text message this morning asking him if he minded, and the response was "Have fun." He called before I got home this afternoon to say that he was going to play nine more holes of golf, and he would see me when I got home tonight. He really doesn't mind it. So why do I have this twinge of guilt? Am I not supposed to go out occasionally and have fun without him? It's not like I'm leaving him with children to take care of, or an ailing parent, or even the housework to do. Just pets, and they're pretty self-sufficient. They can sleep in the recliner next to him just as easily with me gone. And I repeat ... he really doesn't mind it. I think it's just the way we women are wired. I'm sure he doesn't feel guilty when he plays 36 holes of golf on Saturday and leaves me here alone. And that's okay. I need that "me" time.

In fact, puh-lease don't tell him how much I'm looking forward to his going out of town on a golf trip with his buddies (one of whom is my ex-husband, but that's a post for another day) next weekend. It would hurt his feelings. But as soon as he plans one of these trips (usually three or four times a year), I get busy planning what I can do.

I can get some Chinese food. I can read until midnight. I can watch a football game all the way to the end. I can eat ice cream. I can play mindless games on the computer.

Like I said, the exhilaration of our social lives knows no bounds...

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Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read the title. Made me think of chocolate honestly.

I think it's a pretty female thing to feel that guilt. I feel it too.