Saturday, September 27, 2008

And another thing.......

I meant to add this to yesterday's post, but I'm gonna cheat and make it a separate one. My blog, my toys, I can do what I want....

My co-worker left school yesterday with a tire that was almost flat. The tread looked really bad, like it had been sliced off the corner of the tire (odd, isn't it, that a tire can have a corner? sort of? whatever). But she said the tires had all been put on at the same time, only a couple of months ago.

I thought she could make it home if she stopped and put air in it, and I told her I would follow her to the convenience store about a mile and half from school. When I got there, she had decided to change the tire and not take the chance on driving 30-35 miles home on it.

We changed it, and I think we did a marvelous job.

But here's the thing.

There were these four guys sitting outside the store, probably no more than 50 feet from us. They watched us change the tire and never once offered to help. These weren't elderly men sitting outside the general store, either. They were young. And I'm sure they see themselves as macho, since they were sitting outside a tattoo parlor. And they didn't offer to help two women changing a flat tire. One of whom (that would be me) had sweat pouring off her face. (The women in our family don't sweat delicately. It's like a fountain or something.) They were evidently amused by the long lines of cars trying to get gas. It has become a source of entertainment in our town, driving around seeing which stores have gas. Until you need some. Then it's not so entertaining. It's a Catch-22 around here: you need gas, but you have to drive around looking for gas, and you run out trying to get it. I've heard on the news about fights breaking out in gas lines.

Back to the four guys at the store.

I don't expect chivalry or anything. And if they had offered, I might have said, "No, we've got it." But shouldn't they have at least offered?

My co-worker made it to the tire store near her home, where she found out that apparently something was wrong with her front axle. It cost her a pretty penny, but I guess it could have been worse. Her axle could have broken with no one around except those four guys.

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Lynn Rambo said...

An appropriate add-on!
Wish you had called me -- Fred would have run to help in a heartbeat :)
He's ALWAYS chivalrous (sp?)in situations like this one. Me bringing loads of groceries into the house though... not so much!
(b/t/w - slept through the cheerleading competition)