Monday, September 8, 2008

If Only I Had More Time...

Tonight a list is all I can manage. Here are the things I would do if I had more hours in the day:

  • Clean up the "computer" room (we don't "compute" in there any more than I "live" in the "living" room)
  • Give both dogs baths
  • Get a pedicure (not a $300 one)
  • Grade students' projects
  • Prepare a PowerPoint for tomorrow night's online session
  • Begin to read one of the 5 books I have stacked on my side table as next in line
  • Sew buttons on some of my slacks that are in the "mending" pile (that's as close to sewing as I'm ever gonna come--I don't even do my own hemming)
  • Clean the glass storm door on the front door where Gus gets all excited when someone comes home
  • Crush the beer cans that are beginning to pile up on the back porch before hubby can gleefully bring the wheelbarrow into the living room again to load them up
  • Read more people's blogs
  • Download the GPS information from our bike ride yesterday
  • Ride my bike
  • Work on the wiki I'm creating for my classes at school
  • Watch Sex and the City (I've had the entire series for two years now and have yet to watch a single episode)
  • Ditto Big Love and the rest of Moonlighting
  • Walk on the treadmill
But what I'm actually going to do:
  • Take the dog out
  • Go to bed


Anonymous said...

Oh Honey, Pop Sex and the city into the DVD player, hop on that treadmill, and go! That's how I watch it. (Truthfully, after looking at those bodies for an episode I need more than a treadmill!)

Anonymous said...

How I can so so relate.