Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mama Bear...

I don't know if mamas ever get to the point where they don't want to protect their cubs fiercely. Sweet Girl has a........ I don't want to call him a stalker -- yet...... let's just say an over-aggressive suitor. On her second (or was it the first?) day in her new command, this freakazoid approached her and said he was new and asked if she could show him around. Sweet Girl doesn't have a mean bone in her body (clearly not DNA she got from ME), and she told him she would be happy to, once she got settled in the command, yada yada yada.

This walking creep show has hounded her unmercifully. To make matters worse, her sort-of boyfriend, whom she drove ALL THE WAY TO VIRGINIA to see, told her they weren't "seeing" each other anymore (how can you "see" one another from 500 miles away anyway?) and that he would be changing his email address. WTF? So she got together with a girlfriend over the weekend and did girl things to try to forget about him. They shopped, went out to eat, played Monopoly, watched movies. Freakazoid asks how she spent the weekend, and because her not-my-DNA kicked in, she told him. His response: "I could have made you feel a lot better."

She's known this creep for not quite a week! And then he sends her a text message something to the effect of "I could make you really happy."

This mama bear wants to drive down to Jacksonville and kick his man parts up around his ears (if he actually has any, that is). He's messing with my cub! Hubby is ready to pack up his .357 magnum and drive down there to take matters into his own hands. (Not really, but he doesn't take these things lightly.) And remember, this is not his biological child.

I may be guilty of overreacting, but I've already told her to report him to the higher-ups. She's hesitant to do so because she's so new in the command and hasn't found her way yet. This command appears to be a little more rigid and a little less friendly than her last one, so naturally she doesn't want to make waves this soon.

But Mama Bear feels no such compunction because Mama Bear ain't in the Navy. Don't mess with my cub.

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MamaNeena said...

You may not be in the Navy, but you're a biker chick and that is almost as good as a Hell's Angel! I'd be rearranging those man parts!