Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The picture I should have taken...

If I had been alone when I saw this particular sign, I would have stopped and taken a picture. But as it was, I was on the back of hubby's motorcycle, uncomfortable as hell, and we just wanted to GET THERE. If I had asked him to stop while I took a photo, he might just have ridden off into the sunset without me on the back. It's the only time I've been a passenger since I got my motorcycle, but we were going to pick up my new one, and it was the only sensible way to get there. My butt was sore and my legs were stiff from being in the same position for about an hour and a half. But I digress.

Beside a small house/business was a sign that said, "Psychic Sarah." Among other things, it advertised "Past...Present." Seriously. Do I need a psychic to tell me my past and present? Who pays money for that? Maybe it's for those senior moments, like maybe she can tell me where I put my car keys. Or the dog's collar.

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