Thursday, September 25, 2008

Past My Bedtime and Rooting for the Underdog.....

Hubby is out of town on a golf trip, and I'm enjoying some quality "me" time. Usually I'm in bed by 8:00, lights out by 8:30 (9:00 if I'm really into a good book). Tonight I watched "Dancing with the Stars" from Monday night that I had recorded. I'd never seen the show, and we only recently got a DVR. Love the dancing, but not sure what all the hype is about.

At 9:00, when it was already past my bedtime, I STARTED cooking for our pot luck lunch at school tomorrow. I made some cheese muffins (thanks to Pioneeer Woman) and then I got ambitious and made some baby quiches. I glanced over the recipe quickly, since I'd made it a hundred times about a hundred years ago. I only saw "bake 30 minutes" and thought to myself, "Heck, 30 more minutes isn't much." I didn't take into consideration the prep time, nor did I notice that you have to preheat the oven all the way to 425 degrees AND there's a 15-minute cook time BEFORE the 30 minutes. Oh well....45 more minutes isn't much either. Not when Oregon State is making #1 USC look like a bunch of punks (14-0 so far in the 2nd quarter). I'm loving it. (My apologies to The Pioneer Woman, a USC alum.)

It's not JUST that USC is ranked #1 and always are and my beloved Bulldogs are currently ranked #3 and have a huge showdown in our own backyard this Saturday. It must have something to do with that awful USC music.......

This may be the ONLY post I ever write with a label of "cooking."

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