Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall is in the air...

Gus and I finally went to the park today, and there was just a touch of fall in the air. Those first crisp autumn mornings tend to fill me with either tremendous energy or an ache in my heart that I can't explain or describe. Today I was leaning toward the melancholy to start with, so the chill in the air made me a little morose. No, morose is not the word....introspective maybe. In addition to my heaviness of mood, the skies were overcast. Perhaps that explains the weirdness of the photographs I chose to take on our walk today.

I feel compelled to comment on that last one because it bugs me. Being both a biker (although I prefer the term "cyclist") and a hiker in this state park, I think I can offer objective commentary.

The paths in the park have been expertly designed to keep mountain bikers and walkers separated for the most part. Naturally, however, there are a couple of places where it is necessary for the different paths to converge -- like going over the bridge, for example.

Why should the cyclists yield to the walkers? It's much easier for the walkers to step aside on the path and allow the bicycles, presumably traveling at a faster rate anyway, to pass. There are some occasions when it is not only dangerous but darn near impossible for a bicycle to get off the path.

When I'm walking in the park, I step aside and allow the cyclists to pass. And they usually tell me "thank you." I think I would do that even if I weren't a cyclist in my other life.

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Anonymous said...

I can see you point of view on the pedestrians yielding but I guess from my experience I think of families with small children. My daughter was almost hit once because she broke free and a bike was going too fast. I was holding her hand but she decided she didn't want it anymore and she's strong. If the cyclist wasn't supposed to yield and if he didn't there could have been tragic consequences.