Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday Randomness.......

Thunder has never sounded so beautiful. I hope it rains buckets and buckets.

I have yet to start packing for another week-long adventure that starts this Saturday. This one is something I've never done before, and I have no clue how/what to pack. Having the RV on BRAG has spoiled me. I'm trying to limit the number of electronic devices I take on THIS trip, but the concept is sending me into withdrawal.

Hubby and I went shopping at three different places today. I finally got to spend the gift card my sisters gave me for my birthday back in April. (Thank you, Katydid and Frogger Blogger!! I will be the best-dressed motorcycle mama in this household.) I shop very differently when Hubby is with me. Why don't I ever remember that?

I need to ride 44 more miles in June to meet my goal of 500 miles for the month. Did I mention I'll be gone for a week? With no access to my bicycle? I plan to ride a short ride tomorrow, and then maybe a short one (or two) the week after I get back.

I took Gus to the groomer yesterday, and while we waited, he acted just like a two-year-old, jumping on my legs and begging to be picked up. It was hilarious.

I haven't taken many naps yet this summer, which is a luxury to which I look forward eagerly. I took a nap today, though. In the pool. On my float.

Hubby's hamper was overly full when I finally did his laundry today. I found about seven loose one dollar bills in the dryer and his clothes. I did NOT return them. I consider the money a tip.

We tentatively planned a trip to the beach in the RV, but it has been difficult to find a state park that isn't already booked. Then I realized I'm sort of over the beach thing. I'll be just as happy to camp beside a peaceful lake for a few days. Could it be I'm finally growing up? Nah...... that couldn't be it.

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KatyDid53 said...

Oh, don't grow up! It's so boring!