Saturday, June 4, 2011

BRAG Day Zero.... Registration.......

Also known as the day stupid people come out in droves to ask their questions.

I lost count of the number of people who showed up without their wristbands, when they were specifically told in their packets that they MUST bring them.

This is what all goes on at BRAG registration on Day Zero, the day before the ride officially starts.

Riders who have pre-registered and bother to READ THEIR DAMN PACKETS show up with their wristbands and receive goodie bags with the route maps in them.

Those who have bought meal tickets pick those up (from Katydid). We never buy the meal tickets anymore. While it's convenient, because the meals are typically served in the cafeteria of whatever school we are staying in for that night, we have learned that it's just as easy to catch a shuttle or walk or bike into town and eat when and where we want to.

Riders who pre-ordered t-shirts and/or jerseys pick those up at the merchandise table.

People who have private vehicles (like us) pick up decals and separate route maps (from Bragger). They aren't allowed to be on the same route as the cyclists, although the BRAG folks are considerate enough to give the drivers access to rest stops so their cyclists can meet up with them. We don't do that either. I should be into camp before 12:00 or 1:00 every day, so it's not necessary for Katydid to meet me at a rest stop. I'd rather her go find a shady spot for the RV, if such an animal exists.

Riders who just decided TODAY that they want to ride their bicycles across Georgia in 90+ degree weather can register on site. They have to pay more. Come on, people. Where have you BEEN?

People who registered but did not sign the waiver form pick up their packets. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Side note: One guy said he was only planning to ride one day, and he wanted his wife to be able to drive the route and pick him up. He looked at the map and exclaimed, "Y'all are gonna ride 63 miles tomorrow?" Someone explained that it wasn't 63 miles, it was only 56. The man said, "It don't matter. Anything over 10 is too much for me."

Which part of Bicycle Ride ACROSS Georgia did he not understand?

We are making friends with other RV drivers, although our baby RV is a little bit intimidated by the size and scope of some of the others. Talk about "roughing it"..... The only RV ours feels superior to is the one approximately the same size with the words "RENT ME!!!!!" screaming from its sides.

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