Monday, June 6, 2011

BRAG Day Two.......

I wanted to post today about the shower truck ritual, but we didn't use the shower truck today, so I didn't get any good photos. Perhaps later in the week. A "shower truck," you ask? You haven't lived until you have taken a shower in an 18-wheeler. I'll show you what I mean later.

Today's ride was very hot and very hilly. But the hills weren't HARD hills, so they weren't spirit-breakers. There were just a lot of them. The heat was the most debilitating thing about today's ride. About a mile before the last rest stop, some cyclists had jumped into Lake Sinclair, so Rozmo and I joined them. We WERE wearing white jerseys, but they aren't white anymore. The water felt wonderful, though, so it was well worth it. And I think they will come clean.

We had dinner at a wonderful Greek restaurant (so now I really CAN say I've eaten a new type of food). We stopped at a little coffee shop for ice cream, but I was too full. Now we are waiting for the MLB draft to start on the internet.

Here are the routes for yesterday and today.

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DJan said...

Cool! And yes, I have taken a shower in one of those contraptions. It was blissful after being so hot and sticky after a day of skydiving.