Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lazy (Sort of) Day........

I didn't do anything at all today.

I take that back. I did some things, they just weren't very productive.

I take that back. They were sort of productive.

Hubby went to play golf early, and I fully intended to take a bike ride while it was still cool. It looked a little like rain, though, and by the time I was convinced it wouldn't rain after all, it was too hot.

So I played Mario.

But I also crocheted some Christmas ornaments to put in the "store" at the family reunion this weekend.

I folded a load of laundry. (Does it count if it was still in the dryer because I forgot to fold it yesterday?)

I played some more Mario.

I watched the Braves game. I love it when they play in the afternoon.

I wrote a Get Well card to the paralyzed cyclist on BRAG who fell out of his van and broke both legs.

I went to my mother-in-law's house because she sort of fell .... in a sitting position, which is why I say "sort of" .... in her laundry room, and I helped her up.

I reinstalled the printer driver for our network printer and am now able to print from the laptop again. I nearly broke my arm off patting myself on the back.

I gave myself permission not to exercise, but that makes two days this week. That means I have to take my bike to the family reunion this weekend. That is a benefit on many, many levels.

What I did NOT do was change clothes or shower all day. That's where I'm headed now. Promise.


DJan said...

Cool! Everybody needs a day like that once in a while, even YOU! Happy Summer!

Kelly said...

Laundry counts on both the day it's put in the dryer and the day it's folded.