Monday, June 13, 2011

Time to Come Out of the Closet.......

In spite of the title, this blog post has nothing to do with anyone's sexual orientation. It is appropriate, though, so I chose to use it.

Hubby and his buddies -- "Vince," "Wally," "Jake," and "JT" -- went on a golfing trip this past weekend. Because five of them stayed together, that meant someone had to sleep on the sofa. Jake, being the youngest of the crew (by a long, long shot), drew sofa duty. That has (almost) nothing to do with this story.

Hubby and JT were asleep in one of the bedrooms when Jake came stumbling in. He opened the closet door, went in, and closed the door back. Then he came out, bumped Hubby's bed with his knee (which awoke Hubby - he's a very light sleeper), went BACK in the closet, and shut the door again. At some point he removed Hubby's new golf shirt from a hanger (he had to unbutton it in the dark, because being new, it was buttoned all the way to the top), brought it out of the closet, and laid it on top of JT's clothes that were piled in a chair.

This pretty much freaked JT out, so he got up and went to get Vince and Wally. (I'm not really sure what he thought they could do about it.) JT told Hubby, "Jake is having some kind of seizure!" The three men came back into Hubby's room and looked in the closet.

"He's not in there," one of them said. Probably skeptically, if I had to guess.

Hubby said, "No, he went that way."

They found him in the kitchen, in a different closet.

Poor guy. Can you IMAGINE the ribbing he has taken about this incident? They finally succeeded in waking him up, and someone steered him back to the sofa.

He must have a pretty good sense of humor. He texted Hubby last night to say he told his wife about it, and she was STILL laughing.

I'll bet he's hoping someone else does something really stupid. And soon.

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DJan said...

I'm just glad he didn't sleepwalk into the closet believing he was in the bathroom. That would have been REALLY embarrassing! :-)