Friday, June 17, 2011

Paddle (Yawn) Workshop......

Today I attended a paddle workshop offered in conjunction with Paddle Georgia, which starts tomorrow. I felt obligated to attend the workshop, since I am AT BEST a novice paddler, and I've had my kayak in the water a grand total of ...... ONE ..... time this whole year.

Thirty-three people signed up for today's workshop, and twenty-four of them were smarter than I was. They didn't show up. There were only nine of us there for the workshop (which was free), and five of those were from a single family.

I wouldn't call it a COMPLETE waste of time. I did learn two new things: a better way to get in the kayak than depending on a wing and a prayer, which is how I've operated up to now; and using my torso to get more power from each stroke. Oh good.... a NEW body part to hurt.

I think the trip will be fun, but as I told Rozmo this afternoon, I don't think I've ever lost so much sleep over an adventure that's supposed to be FUN. I have thought of something new to worry about every single night. Rozmo and I are going to keep a list of things we would have done differently if we had known better. We already know we shouldn't have bought the meal tickets, and we should have left a car at the ending location. The paddling trip actually ends next Friday, but we have to spend another night and come home Saturday morning.

I won't be able to upload pictures every night (because I did such an EXCELLENT job of that on BRAG, didn't I?), because I'm only taking my iPad and not my laptop. I hope I will get some good photos, though, and I promise to post them when I get home. If they're good. Which my BRAG pictures were not (much).

Happy weekend!

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