Saturday, February 13, 2010

You're Welcome, Florida......

I guess everyone in the free world has heard by now that yesterday was an historic day. There was snow on the ground in 49 out of 50 states, and if I heard correctly, that has never happened before. Come on, Hawai'i, get with the program! Don't you have any mountains with a scattering of snow on top?

I don't know how Florida feels about having snow on the ground, but they can thank/blame me.

Last May, Weesa and I went on a motorcycle ride to benefit the American Diabetes Association. Hubby is diabetic, and it was a motorcycle ride. Nuff said. Anyway, they had a silent auction, and one of the items was a certificate for two nights in a two-bedroom condo on the Gulf Coast. The minimum bid was $300, so I wrote my name on the first blank. I checked to make sure it was the Gulf of Mexico and not the Persian Gulf, because I was pretty sure I couldn't afford the airfare. The Gulf of Mexico, however, is just around a 7-hour drive, completely doable.

"What a bargain!" I exclaimed to Weesa.

"I'll split it with you and we can all go together," she said. This was becoming a better and better bargain. Now I was down to $75 per night for a condo ON THE BEACH!

Then I called to schedule our little mini-vacation. I like to plan really far in advance.

I found out you weren't allowed to schedule the condo more than 30 days in advance.

And the coupon wasn't good during "high" season. In Florida, that's most of the year.

It also wasn't good during Spring Break. That's the rest of the year.

Except for February.

Okay, that's not true. We could have used it starting in October. But Hubby was still working at the time, and he had to work on Sundays. I have to work on Fridays, and I'm guessing the resort folks would insist on our two nights being consecutive. So weekends were pretty much out.

Then Hubby retired at the beginning of the year, and I knew we had this long weekend coming up, with Presidents' Day on Monday. Therefore I called and talked to a VERY nice woman who scheduled our trip for this weekend. Everything was set.

Only Weesa and Sullen Teenager couldn't go. Something about work and a church trip. Bah. Then we asked another couple, a man and his wife with whom we've been on a number of golf and/or gambling trips. Since the condo was already paid for, we told them if they would drive and pay for the gas, we'd be even. Everything was set. For real this time.

And then it snowed. From here to Florida. It MAY have been okay to travel this morning, and it MAY have been decent enough weather in Panama City to enjoy the mini-vacation, and we MAY have had a wonderful time.

At least I can consider it a donation to the ADA. The only decent thing for them to do now is find a cure for Hubby's diabetes.


Anonymous said...
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Maggie said...

What a bummer that you missed it! By chance would the VERY nice woman understand with weird phenomenon and let you reschedule...again?