Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gus and the Beauty Shop.....

I realize that having to search for a new dog groomer doesn't rank up there with one of life's GREATEST problems, but it is an inconvenience. Valerie was recommended by a co-worker and his poodle Pebbles, and we have taken Gus to her for about three years. She has (had) a small shop behind her house, and she was on my way home from work. Hubby would drop Gus off at Valerie's place at 2:00, and I would pick him up at 4:00. It worked so much better than those places where they insisted I leave him at 8:00 and pick him up at 4:00.

I think he looks cute with long hair, but it was a mess to brush. I suppose. When we let his hair get this long, Valerie charged us extra because it was so matted underneath.

The first time I took him to a groomer in a strip mall, it was a brand-new place. I was excited about getting Gus groomed there. Until I went to pick him up.

"Don't shave him," I said.

And this is what we got. When we got out of the car at home, Hubby met us at the door.

"Well that sucks," he said.

Notice that Gus is too embarrassed even to face the camera.

I gave the place another try, next time telling them, "We don't want him shaved. Leave some length."

They shaved him again. We didn't go back there again.

The next place we tried was in town, and they said I could drop him off at 8:00. "But if you need to drop him off earlier, just let us know and we'll be here at 7:30."

I did let them know, they weren't there by 7:30 or 8:00, and I was late to school. Then they sort of forgot to call and let me know he was ready and charged me $50.00. We didn't go back there again either.

I was relieved to find Valerie. Her price was VERY reasonable, her location was perfect, and Gus loved her. She said when she was blow drying his hair, Gus would almost fall over because he was on the verge of going to sleep.

And now Valerie has decided to get married and move to Texas, of all places. I thought she was already married, but apparently that was her parents' house she had her shop behind.

We are once again in the market for a good groomer. Gus has high expectations, so it won't be easy.


Starry wonder said...

Pets Mart! or yellow pagers which ever one comes first.

Maggie said...

So, a road trip to Texas for Gus grooming? Might be cheaper and easier than finding a new groomer... hey, I'm just saying.

KatyDid53 said...

Ditto the Starry Wonder. I take Chico to PetSmart (or however it's supposed to be), and I really like them. Of course, he doesn't have to worry about being shaved! He always comes out with a PetSmart bandanna around his neck!

AmandaSue : ] said...

I've heard good things about pawtropolis. =]

Neena said...

hehe...I never realized he was so small!