Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's He Going to Eat NOW?.......

Hubby went for his regular check-up for his diabetes today, and I think he was nervous about it. He doesn't always check his blood sugar regularly, but he starts checking it right before it's time for him to go to the doctor. He also starts eating better about a week before he goes for his check-up. He KNOWS that his A1C is an average over the last three months, but he somehow thinks that being "good" for a few days before he sees the doctor will make a difference.

His blood sugar has been creeping up for the last week, and it has about driven him crazy. Then I remind him that stress also affects his blood sugar, and I think THAT stresses him out. Then I remind him that he is 62 years old, and he tells me to go crochet or something.

His A1C this morning was 6.7, which still isn't horrible, but it's higher that it has ever been for him. As if that isn't bad enough, the doctor told him his cholesterol is high. We can't be absolutely sure that's what the doctor says, because he mumbles so horribly that I've never been able to understand a word he says. Hubby claims to carry on entire conversations with him, and I suppose that must be because they are both members of the mumbling fraternity.

Now in addition to carbs, we have to watch out for cholesterol.

For myself, I could do this very easily. I DON'T, but I could.

For Hubby, however, it is a real challenge.

He likes steak. And potatoes. And very little else.

No fish, no seafood of any kind (except canned tuna and salmon, which don't really count but I guess I have to be thankful for anyway), no vegetables (except the occasional green beans, which the Army forced him to eat "three meals a day" according to him), no pasta, no rice, no grains. He will eat a salad if I put it on the table, but not really by choice. He will eat cole slaw, but that is loaded with mayonnaise. He will eat both squash and zucchini - if they are fried. He will eat chicken on occasion, but he'd rather not.

I fretted all afternoon about what kind of changes to make to his diet. We've been very lucky with his diabetes in the 8 years (good Lord - has it really been that long?) since he was diagnosed. I've even joked that because I can't understand anything his doctor says, perhaps he doesn't even really HAVE diabetes. He may have diagnosed a pulled groin muscle and Hubby just THOUGHT he said diabetes. His blood sugar counts have always been reasonable, and he's gotten away with way more than he should. He religiously eschews all sugars, however, which is much better than I would be able to do myself.

After careful consideration of what we had on hand, Hubby's health concerns, and what he would eat, together we decided on tonight's dinner.

Steak and deep-fried onion rings.

You gotta die sometime.

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Maggie said...

I have no idea what I would cook if I were married to him... well, I guess steak and fried potatoes...