Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feeling a Little Cheated.....

They're calling for snow here in the Deep South tomorrow. Oddly enough, the farther south you go, the MORE snow you are likely to see.

I'm kind of bummed out about it.

Usually all it takes is the hint, the ghost, the mere suggestion of a snowflake to close schools around here. Schools are already closing for tomorrow in our area, and it isn't supposed to start snowing until around lunchtime.

That means that at the very least we should have a short day tomorrow.

Except tomorrow is already a day off. It was originally a teacher work day, which is the next best thing to a holiday because the grown-ups get to gossip a lot more, go out for lunch, and leave earlier than we usually do on a Friday.

Then our governor decided schools needed to furlough teachers an additional three days this semester, and tomorrow became a FWOP day. Furlough Without Pay. They actually indicate it as such on our paychecks when they deduct it. Yes, I realize I explained it the last time we had a FWOP day.

So the snow tomorrow won't close schools at all. I can sleep in and bum around all day.

Except that I have to drive 40 minutes to my least favorite type of doctor's appointment at 9:30 in the morning.

And if the snow starts after lunch as they are calling for it to do, it will make driving treacherous. At the very time I want to leave to go to the gymnastics meet.

I wish it wouldn't snow. And if it does, I hope the gymnastics meet gets postponed.

But not Saturday or Sunday, as we are supposed to go to the beach.

Unless the snow cancels that too.

I'm too tired to explain THAT one. Story at eleven. Or tomorrow.

Praying for no snow or enough to postpone the gymnastics meet,


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Maggie said...

As a winner of 2 snow days this week, all I'm going to say is... I hope you get what you want. And you should've totally rescheduled that doc. appointment and then used a sick day... yeah, I'm a bad example, but since you have furlough days without pay it seems, in my mind anyway, that it would all balance out if you did that...