Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fatigue......

I was afraid I would scare some of you off with another "random thoughts" title, so I switched it up a little.

I swear I had a wonderful blog post planned for tonight, a Flashback Friday all about my cycling buddy Roz and how we met, complete with some pictures. (There's one of her drinking a beer while standing on her head, and I don't think I can do it justice tonight.) I will share those thoughts with you by next Friday at the very latest.

My goal is to start writing blog posts earlier in the day, so I don't have to A) rush right before I go to bed; and B) come up with something coherent when I'm tired to the bone.

  • My mother-in-law finished her first week of radiation treatment today. Only 5 more weeks to go. Nurses have warned her that she may begin to feel some discomfort in her mouth after three or four weeks. She refuses to believe it because her husband didn't have any discomfort in HIS mouth when HE did radiation 25 years (or so) ago. We keep reminding her that he didn't have radiation on his mouth, but she is sticking to her guns. I guess if I were in that situation I would have some coping skills too.
  • I finally got on my bike today and rode 41 miles. It was a beautiful, beautiful day, but it was WINDY. I rode to the golf course where Hubby and his buddies were playing today, not their usual course. There is something psychologically satisfying about doing a bike ride and knowing you don't have to ride back home. No, I don't know why either.
  • I have started crocheting an afghan from a kit I ordered after seeing it in a catalog. The picture was gorgeous, but I'm not liking how it is turning out. I'm wrestling whether to scrap it altogether, use the yarn for something I actually like, or just keep plugging away. I don't like admitting defeat, but I don't like putting time into something I probably won't like anyway.
  • Our big-screen t.v. bit the dust. It was horribly expensive, and it's not that old, and we will NEVER buy another Samsung t.v. The one we bought tonight to replace it is almost as wide as I am tall. I saw one on display at the store that was almost $10,000. Seriously? Can a television be WORTH that much? Without washing the dishes or something?
  • Tomorrow is a busy day. It begins with a bike ride sponsored by our Lieutenant Governor, in the middle is a birthday party for Baby Luke (can you BELIEVE he's a year old already?), and football to wrap things up. On television, thank goodness. I hope to have some pictures of Luke to post tomorrow night. With his parents' permission, of course.
Good night!

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DJan said...

We have a 32-inch Samsung. It's been working pretty well for five years now and I was hoping for another five. What did you buy instead?